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Powered Paragliding Bible 6

The ultimate paramotor manual and reference

The Powered Paragliding Bible 6 is an easy to read manual covering everything you need to know about paramotors. From the basics of ground handling and weather to airspace and aerodynamics theory, start your journey as a paragliders pilot.

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The absolute reference book for powered paragliders and paramotors

The last update of the Powered Paragliding Bible

Jeff Goin, one of the most famous powered paragliders pilot and instructor has finally released the sixth edition of his manual. Powered Paragliding Bible has been published in August 2020. It is the result of author's intense desire to provide high quality training materials for pilots. You definitely need to lay hands on it if you want to know how to fly safely.

What's inside Powered Paragliding Bible 6 ?

Base on previous editions' success, the training manual have known several improvements and introduce additional contents to every section. It includes comprehensive graphics and pictures to help you better understand complex subjects. In addition, brand new techniques and tips are covered. Navigation in the book is updated to make it easier than ever to find what you are looking for.
With over 300 colour pages, inside you will find everything the paramotor pilot needs to know to progress:

First Flight

Takes you from initial training through the first few flights. How do I handle the Wing ? How do I launch and land ? The guide will answers all the questions you may have as a new-pilot.

Spreading Your Wings

Provides the basic knowledge needed to head out on your own. Get familiar with weather, airspace, maintenance and relevant informations on your flying spot.

Mastering the sport

Masters the finner points such as advanced maneuvers and ground handling. Precision controls available to those who are willing to work at it.

Theory and Understanding

Offers a complete understanding of aerodynamics and dispelled the sport myths.

Choosing Gear

Dedicated to pilot buying their second wings or motors. Know how to choose wing, motor and accesories.

Getting the most out of PPG

"What now ?". Suggestions of pictures and other activities to go deeper in this amazing sport.

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