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Mastering Paragliding

A must have from Kelly Farina

Mastering Paragliding is a new approach to learning to fly cross country by paragliding guide Kelly Farina.
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Mastering Paragliding is a new approach to fly cross country

Kelly approaches pilot progression in a systematic, logical way. From understanding the basics of glider handling to thermalling techniques and high-level cross-country advice, he breaks the sport down into manageable stages with achievable goals.
It includes:
  • Mastering the basics: learning to fly smoothly, consistently and confidently
  • Thermalling well: the 4/90 rule, thermal etiquette and gaggle flying
  • How to plan a cross-country route and fly it successfully
  • Valley winds explained, including where and where not to fly
  • An in-depth exploration of how to fly the mountains
  • High level flying: how to fly efficiently and fast
  • Meteorology for pilots, including cloud assessment and the Föhn
  • Thermal formation, restitution and inversions
  • Real-life practical flying case studies in the Alps and Dolomites
  • How to structure your learning and progress quickly using the Pyramid of Progression
>>See this book presentation video - Voir la Vidéo de présentation
At the heart of it is the ‘pyramid of progression’, a concept Kelly identified several years ago through his guiding work to help pilots know what steps to take to progress efficiently and safely. It removes a lot of the randomness of ‘learning by doing’ and replaces it with a learning structure, simple concepts and easy to understand techniques.
It makes the ‘higher arts’ of paragliding acessible and understandable. Is that pilot staying up simply because he or she is a sky god? No, they’re using skilled techniques that can be learned. Kelly’s new book helps pilots understand those techniques and explains how to learn and apply them.

We are very proud to welcome Kelly onboard as a new author.
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